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Singapore – the ‘lion city’ – one inevitably thinks of the Merlion exclusively associated with it. A city of patterns that is successfully balancing machine and nature exceptionally. The island country has developed extraordinarily over the last few decades and Singapore sure has something for everyone – shopaholics, the foodies, the nature-lovers, the faith receivers, the thrill seekers, kids, couples, oldies – the list is not exhaustive. For the adventure travelers, Singapore offers an array of activities to do.

Here are a few spots for the adrenaline-rush searching enthusiasts.

  • Take the G-Max Reverse Bungee (Clarke Quay)

(Image Courtesy: Official G-Max Website)

This extreme swing, the reverse bungee is located in the main centre of the city. Falling from 50m of height and reaches a speed of over 120 kmph, this ride is sure to get your screams out. How’s that for a thrill? Visit at late evening or night to enjoy a mesmerizing view of the river and the night sky. A ticket for the ride costs around $45 SGD. For starters, there’s also the regular trampoline bungee. Caution: Do not eat before riding.

  • Drive a Supercar on the F1 track (Marina Bay Sands)

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

“How I wish I could have drove a Ferrari or a Lamborghini!” Well, in Singapore, you absolutely can and on the F1 racing track. Listen to the roaring engine and the screeching tires as you race the car through the city. It is perfectly safe as you will be instructed by a qualified professional before handling the car. A 15-minute drive costs you around $390 SGD (inclusive of taxes). A bit expensive, but totally worth the price. Afterall, who doesn’t want to drive a Ferrari? You should be at least 21 years of age, and don’t forget to bring along your passport and original driving license. (Good News: an International driving permit is NOT required for experiencing this. You can take the ride with the regular driver's license too!)

  • Experience the thrill at The Mega Adventure Park (Sentosa)

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

This is the go-to place for all adventure crazy people. It includes the world famous MegaZip, MegaClimb, MegaJump, MegaWall and MegaBounce. Zipline at a speed of 60 kmph over the green rainforest as you descend to the blue sea and yellow beach enjoying the sublime experience. MegaJump is the ultimate leap of faith from a 15 m high structure replicating a freefall parachute experience. The complete package costs $90 SGD, but you can also opt for 2 or 3 costs starting from $54 SGD. 

  • A Visit to the Universal Studios Singapore (Sentosa)

(Image Couresy: Twitter)

Well, obviously, the USS had to be on the list. And this amusement theme park ain't just for children. Ride the Human VS Cyclone, the TRANSFORMERS Ride and you are surely going to experience the ‘rush’. Adult One-Day ticket is around $76 SGD. Opt for an Express Pass (by paying extra) and you are sorted for the day as you breeze through the rides without the long waiting time. Go on a weekday to avoid the local rush. Don’t forget to experience the Halloween Horror Nights between September 27 – October 31.

  • Dive Underwater from the 'Ghost Island'

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Explore the depths in the serene waters at Singapore. Pulau Hantu (literally: Ghost Island) is the most famous spot for divers along with Kusu, Manado, Singapore Wrecks etc. Spot corals, countless hues of fishes swimming past as you get lost in this marine experience. You can even spot reef sharks or turtles, if lucky. There are many different companies which offer diving training and services. Prices start at around $400 SGD. (Extra Tip: There is also an Underwater Hockey Club at Stirling Road for water lovers.)

  • Escape to the Coney Island (Serangoon)

(Image Courtesy: NParks – Official Singapore Website)

Looking for a jungle escape – Singapore being the garden city as popularly known, offers nature at its most real. Once owned by Haw Par brothers, this tranquil island gives you the much needed green amidst the blue waters and grey buildings. The world of Coney Islands seems far away from human settlement, though it is right in the city. Walk or cycle through the bumpy grounds, spotting birds or just enjoying the flora and the fauna. Adventure seekers can hit the hilly trails of Pulau Ubin on a bike and get that adrenaline pumping. And it is FREE! (Bonus: Visit Haw Par Villa to get an experience of ten courts of hell, Singapore’s nightmare theme park.)

These are some of the many places which you can visit for the blood pumping thrill and exhilaration. The city is safe, the people are helpful, and the traveller has many a way to go. Singapore sure has many sides to explore and discover. Which side do you want to see?

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