Booking A Cab To Enhance Your Travel Experience in Singapore

As 2019 comes to an end, and many tourists book their flights through Singapore airlines or others to fly to Singapore for the upcoming year-end holidays, it is important that we share some facts about maxi cab booking to enhance your travel experience in Singapore. Maxi cab provides a luxurious experience, affordable prices and convenience of travelling in a 7, 9 and 13 seater quality standard vehicles with all the family and friends travelling together to enjoy a more fun ride where everyone can chit-chat while sitting together.

Singapore Maxi Taxi

Although normal 4 seater taxis are easily and readily available in Singapore but you cannot take the risk of trying to hire a cab via street hail or booking via different taxi booking mobile apps. Firstly, if you are planning your visit to popular places to go around in singapore such as Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa Island, you will need a cab to and for both morning and evening not to mention the need of hiring that maxi cab for lunch or grab a cup of afternoon coffee. The point is that you will need the maxi cab for almost the whole day if not at least 3-5 times a day.

Secondly if you are thinking we can easily hire 3-4 normal 4 seater taxis, then you do need to estimate the cost. For instance, if you are staying in Farrer Park Hotel and you need to travel to Marina Bay Sands, it will cost you around $20 per cab, and if you are travelling in a group of 20 pax, you will need 5 cabs and it will cost you $100 easily. At the same time if you consider booking a maxi cab in SG, it will cost you less than $75 and at the same time you will get to travel with your loved ones in the same vehicle with the luxurious experience.

 9 seater maxi cab available for booking

Moreover, if you use the maxi cab booking in Singapore, it will be at your disposal, will provide you with the memorable experience of fun and convenience. Now you have a better alternative travelling option in Singapore other than buses and MRT(train services in Singapore) whether you have infants or elderly travelling with you as you don’t have to worry about restriction of 4 seats capacity of normal sedan cab. At the same time, there is extra space in maxi cab in SG where our professional drivers will help you keep your bags, strollers or wheelchair if you need to bring one.

a 6 seater luxury limousine service for wedding

Last but not least, there are many maxi cab companies in Singapore providing a wide range of services for maxi cab booking, singaporemaxitaxi is a leading maxi cab service provider, which provides a wide range of services such as 7 seater maxi cab and 9/13 seater maxi cab XL with flexible rates. We also provide 6 seater luxury limousine service for wedding, escorting and other such events. Other services include Malaysia Transfer, Wheelchair Ramp Services and 6 seater premium Alphard and Vellfire. Additionally our 7 seater taxi limousine comes with TV, Video, CD, Bar Facilities and Fibre Optics. Check our website and facebook page for more info. We do have exclusive offers specially for tourists visiting Singapore, so if you are interested in booking a maxi cab, contact our 24-hour hotline. You may also send an email for enquiry and make a booking with Singapore Maxi Taxi, one of the best maxi cab service providers in Singapore.

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