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How can we pass the time while in transit in Singapore? – The Times


Supertree Grove in SingaporeREX/SHUTTERSTOCK

Q My wife and I will spend three days in Singapore next year on the way to a trekking holiday in Borneo. On the return leg we will have to spend nine hours at the airport. Can you suggest how we might pass this time painlessly?
Allan Payne, via email

A Singapore’s Changi regularly wins best airport in the world awards so you’re in luck. There’s plenty to keep transit passengers entertained, and it’s mostly free: explore the butterfly house, wander through cactus and sunflower gardens, watch a film and relax in one of the excellent massage chairs. Pay £10 and you can swim in the rooftop pool at the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel, which also has a hot tub and poolside bar, and then whizz…

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